A few notes from the recovery bed

Don’t panic, no hospital. Just my bed at home where I’ve been for almost 2 weeks. This has been one of the worse colds I’ve had, at least that I can remember. Yesterday I thought it was getting over, but today this cold knocked me down again.

Today is Thanksgiving day for many around the globe. Did you know that being thankful is one of the secrets of living a happy and prosperous life? I want to Thank you for keeping up with me during all this incredible time. And Thank you for keeping up with me in a future that starts today!  And to add something more as an special thank you from me, you will find something for you at the end of these lines.

Now I will update you with some few notes about what’s being happening around Kirschbits. A lot, despite the long silence in my blog, facebook or twitter. Without an strict chronological order, more or less here they go:

1. I’ve been learning and trying new sewing techniques. This takes time, but the results blown me away! I can’t wait to use them in my new collection! (but I must wait, this cold still has me in bed!).

2. I got a new sewing machine! Those who saw one of my few Facebook updates of the last weeks, already knew about it. But for those who don’t, I got a Janome Memory Craft 5200, and even if its not their newest jewel, it is an incredible sewing machine! I’ve been as well testing it. So far I’ve been able to make one bag (soon to be in my shop), which will be the first of my new Unisex crossbody collection! The machine worked so smoothly in such thick and sturdy bag! Makes me SO HAPPY!!!

3. Me and my husband have been renovating our home step by step. My birthday was earlier this month, and all I asked for presents was used to enrich our living room, and some corners here and there in our home. We got new cabinets, one for my sewing corner, which still needs some decorative work -my task >still not done > I’m sick-. I decorated a new mirror in our hallway, we built a new closet for my son, and hubby made a new cabinet for our kitchen to match the new one we got. The next carpenter project will be my most needed and awaited Thread Rack Cabinet! We designed it and got all materials now. Yep I will document step by step and if possible bring you a tutorial! It is a piece of furniture so much needed to keep organized our crafting and sewing world!

4. I’ve been slowly working on my new website. I know it’s been taking longer than expected. But to make it well, secure and compliant with laws has been taking a lot of work tweaking details here and there.

5. This weekend is the long awaited Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers worldwide! Kirschbits is no exception! I’m offering FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! in all my Etsy shop products! Additionally I have a special offer reserved for you! 25% OFF IN ALL MY PRODUCTS! Grab this code: BFCM25OFF and paste it in your check out process at Kirschbits.etsy.com 

So I hope to be hearing from all of you soon, as much as you will be hearing from me very soon again (why Bilbo Baggins birthday party speech came to my mind just now?)

Off to bed with my blanket up to my chin and a cup of hot lemon, ginger and honey tea!


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  1. Susana

    congratulations on the improvement of your flat, your upcoming page and everything! get well xo


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