A green spring fairy

This year I joined the Secret Spring Swap 2011, organized by the Etsy European Street Team. It is a game like the one I used to play in December, for Christmas, in my school years, and that its also quite common among co-workers in Venezuela. From all the participants, names where written in a small paper, folded and casted inside a bowl. Then everyone  got one paper out of it, read it and kept it secret. Until the big final day, it was common to receive small anonymous treats, sometimes jokes, usually chocolates. The big day was a big party where the gifts were given so the secret friend was then revealed.

In this case, as it is online, and covering all Europe, is not possible to send treats without being noticed or spending too much hihi. We had to fill a form and then the magic of Anka, our team member in charge of the blog and the swap, distributed the “little papers with the names” -the form content- among the participants. I received email with news of who is my “Secret Friend”, or spring fairy as we call it in the team. Now that I know who she is, where does she lives, and what she likes and not, I could start to make something special for her. And so I did!

Last week I couldn’t decide on what fabric to use, I just had in mind, she likes nature, she likes green color, no yellow. Well hands to the work! Started as a clutch, ended as a multi-use small purse! It can be used as Shoulder or cross-body purse, or as a waist purse!

I sincerely hope she likes it!

Now I am wondering who will send me a spring fairy? I have no clue who would be sending me a handmade little fairy, all I know is that whatever it is I will treasure it. Isn’t a nice feeling to receive a nice spring surprise in the mail box?




  1. IngerMaaike

    Now there is one very awesome gift!


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