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You are - your life, and nothing else -Jean-Paul Sartre

I was born in Caracas – Venezuela, one night of November 1976. Lived for long in the west of the country. After finishing University studies, I moved back to Caracas. 6 years ago I married the most wonderful man on Earth, Matthias. He is one of the most loving, understanding, dedicated and skilled persons I’ve ever met (really, he can solve anything!). We live since then in northern Germany. I have a teenager son, Javier. He’s even more creative than me!. He is finishing his school studies to then jump to Communications Design, and he is a wonderful drawing artist. To know more about Matt and his photography: MatkirschPhoto. And about Javier and his drawings: JavierChristiansenArt.

Hello, I’m Vanessa Kirsch, but everyone calls me just Van. I design and make 100% handmade handbags for everyday use. I’m also passionate about webdesign, good graphics design in general, nature, photography as well as I am a passionate progressive rock & metal lover.

The 90% of my spare time, you can find me listening to music while sketching, designing, handcrafting something for my home, relatives & friends, or surfing in my creative mind. The 10% left I’d be sleeping ;-)

Contact me if you want a handbag specially designed for you. Ah! you don’t have to be a woman to have your own handbag, I also make handbags for the Misters!

Here are some facts about me:

  • Creative – making something new daily 80%
  • Languages: German (struggling! it is hard work!) 55%
  • Finishing what I start (oh! so difficult!) 70%
  • My Web Design adventures nowadays 75%
  • Beign out of the box (geeky periods, freak moments, I’m out of the norm almost always) 80%
  • Following my intuition (faaaaaiiill! but then comes the classic “I knew! I had a feeling!” duh! 50%
  • Music taste and crafts are my main source for friends (though I can be quite a hermit too!) 90%

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November is Giveaway time!

It's November: Enter now and WIN AN ORIGINAL VANKIRSCH HANDBAG! November is regarded worldwide for different reasons, but for me is my special time of the year. IT IS MY BIRTHMONTH! (my birthday was on nov. 5th, and I visiting Munich and the Alps for the first time!)....

New Website!

Oh yes! bring it on!!!  I finally updated the layout of my main domain VANKIRSCH.DE !!! Huuuurrraaaa!!! Of course, this is just the beginning. This is the first step on a bigger enterprise I'm about to jump into!  So if you want to know what's coming next,...

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