Bias Tape, do you dare to make it?

Bias Tape. So many people fear it, better to buy it. But what if they could use bias tape with the coordinating fabric they want?  After I found this tutorial, all I could say was: It’s so easy to make!!!

And it has so many uses! It can be used as bordure or for piping. And the same technique can be used to make long straps, or for belts, or.. or.. or..

I used my first piping on the messenger bag I made for my husband’s as birthday gift, and then made some more for my Weseby – Messenger Bag, listed on Etsy (which happens to be my favorite!)

Go straight here to the tutorial from and learn how make Bias Tape in around 20 minutes, what it took me to make my first almost 2mts of piping following this tutorial!


  1. Susana

    I adore that bag, which I saw minutes ago over at your etsy and flickr… the fabric is just so wonderful, it reminds me of the Beatles’ yellow submarine

    • Van

      hehehe, yep that cut on the pattern is quite 60’s-70’s like… but the whole fabric is just adorable! :D and definitely is Weseby is my favortie handbag! (and Weseby here near Schleswig is one of our favorite places to go and enjoy nature!) :)


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