Christmas Decoration Freebie!

I know Christmas decoration time already started, but as many of you might be still decorating your homes, I want to share with all of you a nice, beautiful and cheap decorative Christmas Star, in danish decorative style.

Christmas decoration in Danish style is just so beautiful to let some of its classic elements just pass by. All Scandinavic Decorative style its awesome (see Tilda for example), cottage style and the use of whites, reds, and soft pastel colors makes it a delight to have at home.

When its about Christmas decoration, we always turn our heads to Danish style. Its so simple, cozy and reminds you why your home its the most comfortable place to enjoy the long and cold winter nights.

This Star is really easy to make and adds such a special note in any corner of your home. You can make with any kind of decorative or crafting cardboard, craft foam, etc. Anything that is a sheet and strong enough not to bend. I used crafting red cardboard.

Just carefully cut along the dashed lines, pin the little holes with a needle, and join the holes with a matching thread. Hang in that special corner of your home :)

Thanks for downloading!

Click  here to download the PDF file


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