Christmas markets and handmade products: a mix that doesn’t work well?

Christmas markets and handmade products: a mix that doesn’t work well?

A couple of weekends ago I had my first experience selling in a small Christmas Market. Yes it was a test, as it was a small market in a small town, but neighbor to the city of Flensburg, so many visitors from the city were guaranteed for a visit.

I was already told that these kind of markets might not be the best option for my products. I know that, but didn’t know it as fact, after being there myself -ourselves, Matthias also participated with his Nature Art Photography, sharing the booth.

The market didn’t go well, not as we expected, but not that bad as we got back what we paid for renting the booth for the 2 days.  For one side the weather! Rainy, snowing and then rain and wind straight to our products. Some of Matt’s products got damaged, but luckily not the expensive ones. Overall there were a lot of people interested, but not buying. We’re still questioning ourselves, is about the kind of products or is about the prices? We can’t know…

… but we have our own thoughts about it. A lot of people, genuinely praised my bags and Matthias Photos. Some even passed by our booth several times. His photos were like a magnet for people, the landscape of the region and people immediately recognizing the places where the photos were taken, or asking where it was. Some others stopped to watch my bags. Many went through them, few stayed, asked or bought. All who spoke to me, praised them. Only one woman passed by, without really looking to the bags but pointing to them, and said: “these are obviously professional…” as she was just passing by. I didn’t have a chance to reply back to her, so I have to live with the doubt, did she mean my bags are not handmade? or she meant my bags are too good to be in that market?

So at this point, after this not so successful first try, I’m sure my bags and Matthias photographs are not for these kind of markets where people is looking for that last minute present for their loved ones and trying to spend as few as they can. Handmade products markets is another story. I hope we can participate in some -specifically-handmade-products-markets next year, the problem is to being able to be there for more than one day, as they are usually in Hamburg or Kiel. But we’ll try!

What do you think about these markets and if you have sold your products in Christmas markets, how was your experience? Please leave your comment below!



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