Easter crafts

Easter time is almost here, and I still have not decorated properly our home as I should. This is because I decided I didn’t want those plastic colored eggs that look so terrible ugly when they decor inside, but look so nice seen from far away when they hang from the bushes (hehe, I will place them in the balcony boxes sometime later or tomorrow).

So I decided to craft our deco, the problem is of course, with what time? So then the lightbulb turned on in my brain and as I enjoy crocheting small things, why not to crochet some easter eggs?

Last night, while watching the Champion’s league awesome game from Schalke (we’re bayern fans, but must agree Schalke deserve to be where they are). I was crocheting some cute little eggs to hang from the branches of this beautiful yellow flowers bush -I still don’t know its name-, that Matt’s grandma gave us from her own garden some weeks ago.

This bush full of yellow flowers is decorating almost every street in Schleswig at the moment. All in yellow, totally gorgeous!

Now we have some natural yellow in the center of our living room, with some little red, yellow and multicolored easter eggs I crocheted last night.

I plan to make some more, as well as some birds and flowers. Maybe tonight after a small celebration for Javi’s good qualification in the presentation of his project today :)

And of course, as Lumi wants to be always the center of attention, she had to come right in front of the camera and might have thought: “I want to smell those cute little yellow things hanging from the playful sticks my humans placed in the water I want to drink!”, (then she wanted to play with those cute little eggs hanging, perfect little balls to play with!)


  1. Nathalie

    Cute eggs and even cuter kitty ^_^

  2. ingermaaike

    Lumi looks like the cutest cat! Though of course my Fanta,Bob and Lucy would disagree….

  3. BHB Kidstyle

    Cute Easter eggs!

  4. Wezz

    Cute idea!!
    And it looks like forsythia to me… We have 2 of them in our garden. I love it when they start blooming so bright yellow early in the year! :-))

    • Van

      Hi Wezz! yep Matt just confirmed it ;) I didn’t know the name before :) Love it too! :)

  5. LeelaBijou

    Very cute! And Lumi is adorable!

  6. Eve

    The eggs look lovely!and Lumi is so sweet!!!

  7. Rita alias alatvian

    Lovely post!

    It’s Forsythia. German: Forsithie, Goldflieder, Osterstrauch.

    • Rita alias alatvian

      Ah! Wezz had answered it already.
      Btw: the right German word spells Forsythie :)


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