Fabric Flowers Tutorial

This week, as I was across my daily reading of blog posts and newsletter I receive from crafting blogs I am subscribed to, I found this excellent and easy, really easy to follow and reaaally well photo-documented tutorial from SnowyBliss, about how to make these beautiful Fabric Flowers!

Immediately my imagination began to place bouquets of fabric flowers all over my flat! hehe of all sizes!  I have some quite interesting ideas I would like to put my hands on to. I will be showing you soon what I’ve made after these instructions!

Go to the SnowyBliss post right away and find how to make them in no time! For sure I will be making a lot as deco for the new season that is about to start! And of course, as gifts for loved people and for many other projects and ideas that are just popping out in my mind! They just give such a soft and perfect “cottage” atmosphere! Goes perfect with the Scandinavic deco style I love and follow!

Tutorial: Long Stemmed Fabric Flowers, from SnowyBliss


  1. Susana

    I saw the same flowers earlier this week, thanks to you, and was so inspired too! As soon as I finish the million projects I have in mind, the fabric flowers will follow – and can not wait to see what beauties you come up with! xo

    • Van

      That’s the spirit! hehe :)


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