Fabric scraps basket

It is not a nice feeling when you’re totally concentrated working in your fabric project, and when you’re in the middle of everything you get up from your chair to get a cup of coffee and suddenly you are standing in the middle of a carpet of fabric scraps and pieces of threads covering all your floor. You just can say: “ahhhhhh!”  Of course once your project is finished, hard cleaning comes . Good someone invented the vacuum cleaner…

BUT, wouldn’t be better to have a nice basket to collect all those scraps to be sorted some day later and trash what you won’t use and keep nice pieces for other projects? (maybe I should start to sort mine out, maybe I have enough for a big quilt! haha!)

So that’s what I did yesterday! I was totally fed up with cleaning after every project as I had the “good” habit of throwing everything to the floor.. upst!. So I stopped the work on the next clutch, and started to cut the pieces for a nice basket I could keep hanging from the door of the small shelf that is below my table. Then I had the idea of decorating it with some embroidered flowers.

Now I love it! and it is quite useful as I can still just collect and drop, but won’t go the floor, but to the basket, and once its full I will sort the scraps. I bet soon I will be showing a big quilt here in my Crafts bits.


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