Folded Fabric Strap Tutorial

Yay, tutorials time!  I’m back with an easy one, but even if easy, it has its tricks and some people might be still interested in learning how to make these strong straps. Really useful, sturdy and strong straps for bags, key fobs, or you can make belts and other accessories with this technique.

You will need:

  • Piece of fabric, the length of your choice. For the shoulder straps I use for my bags and this tutorial, I used a piece of 80 cm (31″), cut on fold usually (fold the piece until you have the half of the length you need and cut the fabric in the opposite side to the folded one).
  • I use my Blind Hem foot from my sewing machine, because it helps me to keep straight line on the loooong strap. Usually for the crossbody straps which can be a bit boring to sew.
  • Interfacing matching your fabric type. I used Iron-On Vlieseline® 250 in black.
  • Iron, ironing board.
  • Matching color thread, scissors, roll cutter, cutting pad, and your seam ripper (just in case).

Select your fabric piece and cut the width 4 times the final width of your strap. My strap is 3 cm (1″) wide so I cut a 12 cm (4,5″) wide piece of fabric. Then I cut the interfacing with the final width of your strap, this case 3 cm (1″).

Fold the fabric piece in half lengthwise. Iron it steady to crease in the middle. Then open and fold the sides towards the center crease you just made, joining both side ends in the center. Iron again to create 2 more creases.  Then fold again in the center of the piece (first crease) and iron it very well.

Now open the folded strap and apply the interfacing between 2 of the creases, that would be in one of the centered sides of the opened fabric piece (hope you can follow me). Iron it following product instructions (for Vlieseline® is around 8 sec.). Fold your piece again following the previous creases you made and iron everything again.

Now is time to sew! In the photo you see my Blind Hem sewing machine foot. You can use your normal straight line foot if you please, but I insist on this one because you can adjust the Blind Hem guide to help you keep a straight stitch from beginning to end.

Place your folded strap as close as you can to the border. I begin with the open side of the folding sandwich, but I left it to you if you want to begin with the folded side. Sew from end to end, turn 90° sew across the short end, turn 90° and continue sewing from end to end your other long side, keeping the same distance to the border you used before. You can adjust the Blind Hem guide to help you keeping the desired distance to the border. Tip: I stitch 2 lines on each side. This will depend on the kind of strap I’m making and where it will be used.

Turn again the 90° and sew the last short end. You’re done!

Apply this technique for different uses, like belts, straps, key fobs, decorative strap borders, hems, etc.



  1. Dobbie

    Genius! And really very simple. I am so glad I will no longer need to turn nearly as many straps, belts, tubes….yay!

  2. shelly

    Oh do I love this!! Easy and strong all in one. Easy directions. Thank you

    • Van

      @Shelly: Thank you!!!
      @Dobbie: I’m glad you find it useful, indeed making the straps as a tube sometimes can be painful. Folding can be stressy when using a thick fabric, but I still think its the best way for a secure and strong strap :)

  3. Kaja

    Great! I use this technique for smaller things, like bands for a sunhat to be tied under the chin (but without any vlieseline then). Never crossed my mind that I can use it for belts as well…

    And, you will receive LOTS of visits from now on from Craftgossip. I made a tutorial some time last year, and I still get lots of hits from it. At least one or two per day!



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