Nowadays with all the new technologies advancing so fast, we’ve been bombed (without warning) with an immense amount of electronic devices, mini computers to talk on the phone or to listen to music and check your notes or just to surf the internet. Indeed we’ve been dragged by these huge industry that its just “starting”. In the beginnings were the cell phones, today we have about everything. From calling someone to taking photos or playing silly games with unknown people over the internet. Awesome and amusing.

But whether you love it or hate it, almost all of us have at least one cell phone (smart or not, mine is not), one music player device, and one laptop, or a game device. And for that of course, we need bags where to carry them, protect them and keep all that money invested safe and sound, and most important working and at hand!

Check the following gadget bags and be inspired!

  1. PADDED iPhone / iPod Sleeve – CHOCOLATE PAISLEY by WallabyBagCo
  2. Lydia Clutch / Wristlet – Lime with Coconut Button by msnizbit
  3. Gadget case – Kroki the little monster for iphone, ipod touch, small digital camera… by BoutiqueID
  4. The Errand Runner – Cell Phone Wallet – Wristlet – Birds of Norway by Michael Miller by kerriannshop
  5. Versatile Gadget Case, Padded and Water Resistant by dorydesigns
  6. iPhone, iPod, Smart Phone PADDED Gadget Sleeve, Espresso Bright Paisley with Polka Dots by ahelpinghandbag


  1. aegeansea

    Awesome! I love the colors, shapes & patterns!

  2. Kerri

    Thank you for featuring my cell phone wallet!


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