How to insert a concealed top zipper

Today I want to share with you one of the most useful tutorials I’ve found. Again I bring a tutorial from Lisa Lam from U-Handbag, where she teaches us how to add these fancy, secure and useful top zipper that goes a bit inside the top edge of your bag.

I have some models of my bags made with these kind of zippered top closure. For example my Altona Messenger bag. It might look like a whole new world to explore, I mean, very difficult to make. But it is not. Follow Lisa’s tutorial and you will find it is so easy to make!  I might confess that I used before another method, but in essence is the same procedure. But after checking on Lisa’s tutorial I might change my mind as it is really easy to make.

By the way, I am counting the days to receive my copy of her book: The Bag Making Bible.

Click here to go to the tutorial and learn easily how to add this great and elegant top edge closure.

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  1. Kathrin

    I can totally recommend The Bag Making Bible. It’s worth every cent and so inspiring! I go through it every day and get excited about what to try out next. I’m sure you gonna love it, too.


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