I’m sorry…

I’m sorry…

I feel ashamed, I know. Have you ever felt like you were going to reach the Everest on your own, and announced to the world -out loud!- that you were going to do it, and then failed miserably not even reaching the first base camp? If you know what I mean you might have an idea of how I’m feeling while writing these lines.

Back at the start of the year, I was so excited and so willing and so happy to being back to the blogosphere and keep up with my planning and the 52 Weeks Creative Challenge… And then it happened: the situation in my country, in my homeland, where my family and many good friends live, suddenly got worse than ever.

The Students Movement started a series of protests that were massively and violently repelled by the dictatorial regime currently crushing my beloved Venezuela. During several weeks, months, there were thousands of injured people, mostly young people (not only students!) illegally imprisoned, tortured, some disappeared, and more than 40 students (and young people) killed. The really violent repression and killings during the protest  have almost stopped, there are several opposition leaders and politicians and dozens of students still in prison or under illegal and manipulated trials. Repression has not stopped and control on almost every aspect of life, based on communist ideas are being forced to my country nationals.

As you can imagine, I had my whole attention focused on this situation, that is far from over. I practically stopped my business altogether. I kept myself crawling on the news. Though my Etsy and Dawanda shops were still open and I had some orders on both shops, I had to force myself  to make new bags, but I just couldn’t find inspiration to continue with my blog. So I decided I couldn’t continue sinking into this depressive state thinking about all this, even if it hurts, my life is here and to be able to help my family, I need to get 100000% focused again on my work and earn my bread first!

So as a new month begins, I’m back to the blogosphere!. I made a complete plan for my blog and business for what’s left of the year, and I’m going to stick to it! (punch me if I don’t!).

You will be reading me twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I’ll be sharing news, tutorials, style trends, recipes, travels, contests, giveaway, freebies, and great info around the fascinating world of Handbags and Crafting.

So that’s it, I announced it, I published it and if you subscribe to my newsletter and to receive my blog posts in your email,  you won’t miss all the news, great content and surprises I have prepared for the coming weeks!

Thanks for your support!



pd: Amazing photo! Credits to Matthias Kirsch Photography!

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