Introducing: Kaja!

After a wonderful Easter break with a great and warm summer weather, what is better than to come back introducing you to Kaja Designs! She is a fantastic and creative Children clothes designer from Gothenburg, one of the many cities in Sweden I want to visit and stay for long!  She makes Retro chic handmade clothes for children. Beautiful, chic and with excellent quality that I would love to wear myself! -> Yep, I am serious about that Moomin Jumper!

Kaja DesignsComing from a family of crafty women I am used to making the things I want but can’t find in the stores. When the kids was born I made them all sorts of little things.

As Eva-Karin says “one of those fortunate persons that have more ideas than time to fulfil them” and that is something that you can find in her Etsy Shop, among  jumpers, shirts, hair clips and more!

So if you have children, don’t miss this chance to get some great, colorful, original and fun summer clothes from Kaja Designs! I’m sure your kids will love them!

  1. Moomin baby jumper, sz 6-9 mths(68cl)
  2. Swedish landscape – retro t-shirt sz 3T-4T (98/104cl)
  3. Pippi Longstocking tailored dress, sz 5-6yrs (110-116cl)
  4. Pink flowers on yellow, pink hair clips


  1. aegeansea

    Wonderful Interview with a lovely creator! Kaja’s creations are unique, colorful & great for Mom’s & kids, alike!

  2. Wezz

    wonderful feature on one of the European etsy sellers!
    Great surprise for Kaja!

  3. Kaja

    Ooooh! You’re so Sweet! Thanks Vanessa!

  4. P8ronella

    great feature ! I love the hair clips, but I have short hair… snifff

    • Van

      no probs P8! you can still use them with short hair, I bet they’ll look great in yours :)


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