Introducing: MissusD!

Kathleen is one of the most creative girls I’ve been honored to meet online. She is the headmaster behind MissusD (and MissusDPaperie. Today I want to show you 4 of her best items in her MissusD, Crochet Toys for Kids and Adults! 

MissusDSimplicity – the best solution to the most complex problems. Imagination – the gate to progress. Humour – the salve to much of the malaise in our world Stories – everything has an origin and a message.She has really fun and cute Crocheted Amigurumi items in her shop. Bold colors, simple shapes, easy to enjoy designs, useful items. Everything I like in a good designed item. And both great for kids or adults, for babies or to keep your Sunday breakfast egg warm and give a touch of fun to your breakfast table!

In her own words: “We make simple objects and design simple shapes, by hand so we might leave room for the imagination of the user. We make up funny stories for each object and stationery, sew on funny faces so one could be amused and tensions might be eased“.

I’m pretty sure this describes not only her shops items, but herself! A very creative person that make fun and useful items with a needle and yarn.

  1. Crochet Eggs in Lilac and Purple – Baby Peekaboo Chickadees
  2. Futurama inspired One Eye Alien Egg Warmer- Crochet Egg Cozy for the Geek at Heart
  3. Robot MDR-11 Egg Warmer- crochet
  4. One Eye Alien Plant Amigurumi- Crochet


  1. Nathalie

    I love MissusD. Cute, funny and witty!

  2. Missus D

    Hey Van,
    thanks for the introduction! You just chose all my favorite things!

    • Van



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