Introducing PetitPlat!

Everytime I see one of her works, 2 things happen: first I want to eat it!, second: my brain thinks “ok ok its just polymer clay and its a miniature!” Of course I’m talking about the wonderful and amazing creations from Stephanie Kilgast, better known as Petit Plat!

Since many years I’ve been admiring the world of miniature models. Everything started with the huge and realistic Nativity sceneries that my mom used to create every Christmas. Trying to make a whole landscape around the birth of Jesus. My brother and sister and me spent at home hours helping my mom to build it. Years later, every Christmas I continued as long as I could. My brother became full into it as well making it even more realistic, with perspective and lighting effects. My sister continues helping my mom nowadays, and for me living now in Germany, have become a bit difficult to continue the craft. But always wanted to.

On the other hand, my husband Matthias have been for a long part of his life, as well very much into miniature, indeed the smallest train model scale miniature (N – 1:160). He used to build such realistic scenarios with such an incredible precision… sadly there is no more time left for it. Good some of his creations can still be seen in the train model club where he used to go, and in photos.

So when we stumbled on PetitPlat’s shop it was like a revelation, mostly for me, because it was a come back to my childhood and old passion to build realistic scenes in small sizes. Not only when I used to play with my Barbies -as Stephanie as well confesses- but also the Nativity scenes. Just to look at those breads Stephanie makes, reminds me those amazing Nativities scenes made by professionals that can be seen in the specialized magazines. Just that all those are made out of plastic and with molds.

PetitPlatAlthough I’m seriously lacking of time for that part of my craft, I really would enjoy writing a tutorial book about sculpting miniature food in a near future.She has miniatures for Doll houses, for exhibitions, custom orders as well are welcome, and of course delicious and yummilicious jewelry. Stephanie makes everything with her own hands and fingers, isn’t that even more amazing!? The best is the she wants to teach her art to all who likes it. She teaches in some websites like and on

Just check the images below and admire her art. As many other people have admired it in known magazines and newspapers around the globe, as well as in brick and mortar exhibitions in France and Germany. I can say I feel honored to have met online the miniature world craft master PetitPlat!

  1. Iced Croissants – Earrings – Paris Collection
  2. Bread Cutting Board – 1/12 miniature
  3. Tropical Feeling – M – Earrings – Fruit Tart Collection
  4. Crazy For Chocolate – Post Earrings


  1. PetitPlat

    Aaaw such a sweet feature! thanks :)

  2. P8ronella

    I love her stuff ! Have some great earrings from Petit myself :)

  3. aegeansea

    Wonderful interview! This very talented artist is a lovely girl, too! And, everytime I see her new creations, I’m amazed by the detail, color & I get hungry!

  4. Susana

    absolutely amazing and delicious… thank you so much for introducing us to such an impressive artist

  5. wezz

    Wonderful feature of a wonderful artist!! I still can’t get over how realistic these miniatures really are!


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