So much coming soon… !

So much coming soon… !

Oh Christmas time is here… we’ve reached already the last month of the year, and SO many things have happened around my world during these 12 months, that it is impossible to list them all. Both in my private and biz life many changes have happened or I’ve made them happen, things that had to be.

Let’s focus on the future! Some good juicy things are coming our way around VanKirsch – everyday handbags. I can already announce that this is the year… as a matter of fact, on the next few months, that I’ll be opening my own online store! Yay!! My own hosted store where you can find all the special goodies I’ve been preparing for you. New and even more stylish handbags, pouches, clutches and more!  Practical and functional as always. A complete new line of products for everyone!

Back a few weeks, I made a stop on all production to make new plans for the new year (and some other major decisions have been made, but they will be announced later on), and a lot to do at home on our personal lives, Mr. K and I have been working bit by bit on my new online store. I know I’ve announced before I’ll be launching it soon, but as it always happens in a one-person-biz: there is always a lot to do, a lot to commit to, and a lot TO LEARN. I’ve been testing this online shopping system thoroughly, as well as pondering if I should test other systems, or subscribe to paid services. In the end I like control, I must declare and accept that it is the way I am, so I prefer to have full control on my website. So after testing and testing, and more testing, I finally have a nice design I really like. And now it is about slowly adding content and checking that everything compiles with the ever-changing EU and German rules on e-commerce.

Apart from my online store  (feels like an egg warm and cozy soon to finally hatch), I’ve decided to get some bag models out of my collection. Next year I’ll announce which models won’t be available anymore, and of course I’ll be launching a complete new line. More on that soon. By now I can only show you a sneak peek of my shop.

And something new I need to learn: model photos! You’ll be finding soon a whole new different image around VanKirsch. I’ve been also working on different minor changes around my brand. But every tiny change will be announced promptly.

To finish these lines, I want to invite you to my Facebook Page. There you will find I’m giving away a discount code every week of December. This week you’ll get the 25% discount on any VanKirsch handbag! Go to my FB page, like it and grab the code! Coupon Code only to be redeem at my Etsy shop!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for your support! Wishing you wonderful holidays and a cozy and lovely family time!

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