My first Christmas present!

My first Christmas present!

Yesterday the post guy came with a surprise parcel!  “I received something from Finland!?” – I said, “Santa is in Finland (Rovaniemi), so it must be, my… SECRET SANTA PRESENT! Yay!!!”

But this present did not come from Rovaniemi, but from a bit more to the south, from Turku!! where my husband Matthias studied in the time we met. Isn’t this a beautiful coincidence? Secret Santa gift swap is an action/idea from the European Street Team in Etsy. Every year people participate in this swap sending presents to each other all throughout Europe. I already sent mine ;).

Sofia Knust, from Sofiasobeide and Varm, sent me these gorgeous accessories for home and for me to wear. Love them!!! I love crocheted accessories, and these ones fit perfect in our home deco this Christmas! She sent me 2 pairs of coasters in red and white, 2 Christmas canes that will go to the Christmas Tree high close to the top, one little Guardian Angel (holographic and reflecting light) that is perfect to decorate my bike :), and 2 crocheted brooches that I used immediately and kept them all day long!

Love them all and thank you very much Sofia! (Tack så mycket!)


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