New season, new ideas

A new season is about to start, and I’ve been working slowly on new bag models and patterns for a new Kirschbits collection. These will be summer bags and beach bags that will come to see the light very soon. Stay tuned!

But today I want to show you a bag I just finished that makes me feel great, because honestly talking, it was a real challenge! But I do love challenges, and I loved the process of coming up with custom requested bags.

This was an order, from one of my best customers -did I mention before I don’t like the word “customer”, I prefer to say, “a Kirschbits bag owner”. And this bag is already on its way to south-east Germany!

He wanted a bag with specific measurements and color and fabric selection. We worked together, selecting different sketches I sent to him, and we finally came up with this beautiful and rather simple design that fits perfectly as a sport bag, or an elegant bag for anything between 50 x 40 cm. I love it!

So it inspired me to start a second new collection of bags that can be used for short travels, as sport bags, to carry around big things, casual but yet elegant, and best of all, unisex! For women or men. How cool is that? :)

Though this is not the first Kirschbits bag a man is using. Last summer I made a bag for my husband, who is using it everyday since. Though I would have preferred to make it a big bigger, he wanted that size. He carry there everyday his lunch, papers, newspapers, notebooks, pens, and when making short travels, our 13″ Mac also fits in.

And for last Christmas I ventured to make the school bag (that is also travel messenger!) for my son. He uses it eeeevery day, and even weekends when he goes to visit friends. You can read more about this bag here.

I was not decided to make them for my shop, but now they will start to pop in very soon. So if you want a special gift for your dad, uncle, grandfather, or even your son, come back soon to Kirschbits to check the new models available soon!



  1. jonquil

    gorgeous bags! :)

  2. P8ronella

    Van, the red one has turned out great !! and very practical too.

  3. aegeansea

    Wow, congratulations! A wonderful new line of bags!

  4. Matt

    I love my bag, it is so light and versatile. Taking it every day to work since one year now… one of the best birthday gifts I ever had!


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