Progression is the key…

Progression is the key…

And through the years how I have indeed progressed!.

As many of you know, I’m HUGE progressive rock fan, and one of my favorite artists (if not THE favorite) is the Brit genius, utterly workaholic and one of the most prolific musicians out there: Steven Wilson.

FINALLY after long years of listening to his music and watching him (and his band, and as well once with his previous band “Porcupine Tree“) performing live in Hamburg, Germany and Aarhus, Denmark, we got the chance to meet him! It was very brief, just a short exchange of words and the albums signed by him. But it was MY moment of glory. Woohoo! (haha! yes I was then -and I am still!- the purest example of a fan girl!).

Steven Wilson - signing session in Hamburg

I’m just marveled at how a musician can be able -these days- to reinvent his music every time he is ready to bring more music to the world, and not just reinvent, but to actually break the mold and deliver to us something completely new and different to what he has previously done. He’s also been involved in so many different music projects, as musician, composing or playing instruments, that goes from -very elaborated- pop music to electronic-experimental or even scratching the borders of death metal. As well he finds time (HOW!?) to re-mix and giving a whole new life to classic progressive rock albums from bands the likes of King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, YES, and even Tears for Fears!

His music doesn’t sound complicated – not at first listen, but when you dig, you begin to find what makes it an incredible musician, composer, producer, multi-instrumentist, singer, etc… here is an excerpt of the best review I’ve found for his latest album “Hand.Cannot.Erase“:

Hand.Cannot.Erase. (…) this is a progressive album in the dictionary sense of the word; an album that represents progression for Wilson and, with its unintended but undeniable crossover appeal, an album that moves music forward in a way that’s detailed under the hood but immediately accessible throughout. And no single song, despite every one of them standing on their own merits, matters as much as the eleven of them taken together, as a single, 65-minute experience.

If you got interested, go and read here this review.

And here you listen to the first 2 songs of the album, “First regret / 3 Years older”:

Or watch the official video of “Perfect Life”:

Yes I am a fan girl… now listen and then go to buy his album and be converted!

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  1. Anita

    This fan-girl is very jealous at you Van. He is one of the person I would love to meet in person. Glad you had the opportunity.
    The new album is different from the others but awesome!


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