Spring deco with fabric scraps

Today I want to share a small part of my home that sets me in a good mood. Though I made them through the last coldest winter time, they precisely brought some freshness, cuteness and some new flair in the air in our home. “Spring is just around the corner!”

With all those little birds singing and flying around fighting to be the first in the ball of seeds for them, or the little house of seeds that hang in our balcony, making us and our cat Lumi, happy and curious -respectively- to see them enjoy the free seeds for them.

Having them in mind, I made these little cute birdies with fabric scraps I had all around and in boxes where they don’t fit anymore, and also made some cute shabby or “tilda”-like hearts and some balls to decorate the home for this spring… but I guess I will leave them all year long! they are so adorable!

I found the nice branch in one of our walks, and spray-painted it in white. Hanged it with some hidden nails in the wall and they all together bring such a fresh look to our living room.  And for the rest of the hearts I didn’t use in the branch, I made a small garland and hanged it in the kitchen door, trying to embellish it somehow as this door is ugly as hell (we cannot change it as we’re rented here with plans of moving out sometime in the near future). So these cute hearts welcome every visitor to our home :)




  1. IngerMaaike

    So fun and cheery!

  2. Ellie Lambert

    I LOVE that!! I think that is what the new place I will be moving into needs!! What a fun idea – thanks for sharing!


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