The Handmade Interview: Dinafragola!

This week we are in Belgium, introducing a creative girl who creates fun, kawaii, kitsch and gothic jewelry and accessories for girls of any age. From undead figures to the cutest manga chibi style puppy cats. Earrings, pendants, and more.

She is a creative spirit and sometimes out of what is called normal. Fun and innovative: Nathalie, mastermind behind Dinafragola.

1.Tell us about yourself. Where do you come from? Where do you live?

I am Nathalie, I am from Belgium and have always lived there though I moved often. I have a degree in graphic design which never helped me in anything…and I usually call it my degree in nothing at all ;) Dina Fragola is the name of one of my kittens that sadly died a few years ago. Fragola means strawberry in Italian. I don’t speak Italian though….only French and English (and some Dutch)

2. How would you describe your style?

I love making cute things, best described as « kawaii » as I am very much influenced by Japan. Cute kittens and bunnies, anything fluffy.

3. What are your main sources of inspiration? Do you have any secrets on your creative process that you can share with us?

I don’t have any secrets, just the irregular urge to make things… jewelry these days but I have been into other crafts like painting, sewing, polymer clay, even crocheting in the past.

4. Has your art or craft affected your life? How?

In my case it would be more how my life affected my craft. Until a few years ago I made « regular » things, regular as in « non kawaii/kitschy » but then a series of really sad and depressing events occurred in my life and I felt I had to balance that by making sweet fluffy things. Making things how I wish everything was…soft, happy and fluffy.

5. Do you have a favorite item you have made? Tell us about it!

I am not terribly attached to what I make, once it’s done, it’s done, it’s the making process I love. Things are just things…which is a terrible thing to say when you try to make a living as a seller LOL

6. What is the best reaction you have gotten from your items?

Someone once convoed me to tell me looking at my items made her happy :)

7. Tell us 5 words that define you.

Sweet and cynical, deep and superficial…most of the time I am nice though ;)

8. Favorite Color?, Music?, Season?, Place?

Green! Though I don’t use it much in my craft.
Bowie, Bjork, Black Eyed Peas (I joke I only like music that starts with B)
Summer! I was born on June 21 which might explain it.
The Florida Keys, I love Italy too. I am sure I’d love Japan to if I ever went there. And I feel at home in any Disney park ;)

9. Share a tip with us.

Selling on Etsy is a lot of work… so my tip would be… work ;)  Unlike other sites, you have to be there and be part of it (by joining teams, making treasuries…) Unfortunately you need luck too…. What took me the longest to understand there is how to go with the Etsy flow… adapt to them, don’t expect them to adapt to you.  Etsy is still the largest platform to sell handmade online, it’s its biggest and weakest point… in the sense it lost its personal touch in the process (but is still advertising itself as such so it can be misleading)

10. Share a wish with us.

I wish I could live from my craft… and I wish I won the Euro Millions!

11. Apart from your Etsy shop, where else can we find you and your products?
and soon
My blog:
My twitter:
I don’t FB much…


  1. viltalakim

    Nice intervieuw!! I am happy we once met in real in Maastricht once due to the contacts we have on etsy :) enjoy yoru weekend


  2. P8ronella

    Great interview Nathalie ! Love to see your sweet face again :))

  3. zsazsazsu

    Happy to get to know you Nathalie ! We share our love of cats and creativity !

  4. Nathalie

    Thanks again :) I see I should work on that smiley addiction ;)


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