The Handmade Interview: IngerMaaike!

Today we’re flying to Norway! I am proud to present one of the most valuable and wonderful members from the European Street Team in Etsy. She is totally unique, a soft but bold soul who is always there to give us a good laugh or a good advice when needed. She makes wonderful felted clothes and accesories, as well as some home deco items. Her creations are both a piece of magic and charged with a lot of humor and bohemian flair.

She is clearly one with nature. A holland-born free soul living in the middle of Norway where she found her endless peace and luck. Let me introduce to you: IngerMaaike!

1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you come from? Where do you live?

I am IngerMaaike and there is not all that much to tell about me. I started out as a little egg fused with a little seed fused to form a little embryo. It grew into me, blond haired, green eyed. Not too tall not too short. Neither big nor particularly small either. Quite ordinary on the outside really. But my brain is a bit odd, it sees everything in images. I mean that literally. When someone talks to me it is all put into images right away. This is what is my inspiration, all these visuals that come in :)

2. How would you describe your style?

Intuitive, unexpected, vibrant, comfortable, slightly off beat.

3. What are your main sources of inspiration? Do you have any secrets on your creative process that you can share with us?

Everything is my inspiration, anything I see gets stored for future usage. Often combined into somewhat odd combinations.

4. Has your art or craft affected your life? How?

Oh yes it has given me freedom, confidence, purpose a reason to be. Long it took me to find my way as I never fit into the standard format. I could not hold a job, always arguing with everyone. My mind does not work like the ones of people around me, I could never fit in. Now I am my own boss, I can do as I please and still make my own way.

5. Do you have a favorite item you have made? Tell us about it!

Each newest thing I make is my new favorite.

6. What is the best reaction you have gotten from your items?

The best is very hard to pinpoint, but in general the friendships it has given me is positively the best overall thing for sure!

7. Tell us 5 words that define you.

Colorful, unexpected, pigheaded, driven, obsessive

8. Favorite Color?, Music?, Season?, Place?

Green. Anything Finn brothers. All seasons. Home

9. Share a tip with us. (Selling in Etsy, or in your expertise in your craft, or any other you want to share)

Know your materials, how they work, why they work and experiment, do not be afraid to fail miserably. It is the best way to learn.

10. Share a wish with us.

I wish for everyone to smile more, smiling is so easy and it makes the world such a better place.

11. Apart from your Etsy shop, where else can we find you and your products?

I am on Facebook, Flickr and have a blog


  1. P8ronella

    Hi Inger ! Great to see you here.

  2. Annemiek

    Love her work, nice to get to know her a bit better.

  3. Nancy

    Inger you are such a wonderful woman. So is your art and the feel that goes with it. You always make me smile (especially the biology-lesson where you come from).
    Thanks for sharing and thanks Vanessa!

  4. baahar

    Loved this interview .. great pics !

  5. Arctida

    Great interview! Love Inger’s work!

  6. IngerMaaike

    Hi and hi you make me smile, thank you for that :)

  7. aegeansea

    What a delightful interview! I’ve enjoyed knowing you for a while & find your creations inspirational, as I do you! Continued success!

  8. Nathalie

    Very cool and fun! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  9. viltalakim

    great intervieuw!
    Thanks for sharing Inger!!

  10. buechertiger

    Interesting interview with wonderful photos. Nice to meet you here!

  11. Wezz

    What a great interview!! So nice to get to know Inger a bit better!! :-))


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