The Handmade Interview: LaTouchables

Today I’m introducing a very creative girl who lives in the Valley of the Rhine, here in Germany. She makes one of a kind, original and wearable body adornment for the modern woman. In her shop you can find artistic and unique bags, clutches, scarves, cuffs, necklaces, all you need to give an artistic addition to your own style. Here is Dawn from LaTouchables!

1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you come from? Where do you live?

I originally come from the USA, but I have been living in Germany for twenty-one years now. I lived first in the Ruhrgebiet, then moved to Southern Germany near the border to France. My first job here in Europe was for a lifestyle magazine, doing graphic design and art direction. It was a job I just walked into–kind of amazing in retrospect, but I had always been involved in one way or another with the arts. My university degree was in fine arts, specializing in painting, and I did a lot of experimenting with other mediums, like metals. I was also into music, literature and modern dance. I work now as a language consultant. And I have a studio where I dissappear into for hours and do my creating.

2. How would you describe your style?

It’s very intuitive and hands-on. It’s romantic and tactile. I try to get emotion from my work. I hope it looks like that, when you have it on. I want the wearer to feel that, too, and even just a sachet–I want that to give the feeling of place and story. That’s what I work for, anyway.

3. What are your main sources of inspiration? Do you have any secrets on your creative process that you can share with us?

I’m inspired by everything. It’s a spontaneous act. I can say, today I will make so-and-so, and I never know how it will turn out. It’s a journey. I like to work to music. I like to lose myself in the work.

4. Has your art or craft affected your life? How?

Yes, it has. Because I began this path years ago, more or less at birth, I have never questioned the basic value I get from it. Other things suffer, like housework. But life as I know it is an embracing of creating, no matter what that might be–a poem, a verse, cooking up something in the kitchen, or making something positive out of a scary experience.


5. Do you have a favorite item you have made? Tell us about it!

Usually it’s what I’m working on at the moment. When I’m finished, I admire it for a few hours, and then I turn to the next thing and give it my hundred percent.

6. What is the best reaction you have gotten from your items?

When people wear my things and often. Or when they have it in view…I don’t think a thing will last forever. It has a life span, and therefore I hope it’s worn more than sitting in a drawer.

7. Tell us 5 words that define you.

I am a human being. That’s what defines me. Everything else is just behavior. (I have a hard time at self-analysis) :-)

8. Favorite Color?, Music?, Season?, Place?

Color? I love them all…and I can get into any music, and the season we are in, and the place—this is where I definitely would get nostalgic or romantic–but I can even enjoy pretty dismal places. Except when I don’t.

9. Share a tip with us.

I still feel like I am learning, and I am sure that feeling will always be here. I think the point is to always embrace change, and to be kind and try to do your best and do what you love. Look outward and be generous.

10. Share a wish with us.

Continued health and joy in living.

11. Apart from your Etsy shop, where else can we find you and your products?

You can find me on my bike in the fields of Southern Germany. Oh– I have a blog:, and I’m on flickr:



  1. JK

    Ah, lovely interview with Dawn with lots of down to earth answers. Love it:)

  2. ingermaaike

    Wonderful to read, I admire her hugely!

  3. Annuk

    Such a beautiful interview!!! Beautiful questions, and I really enjoyed reading your answers, Dawn! I love your positive energy and love for life!
    It’s been great to know more about an artist I admire and a lovely person!
    Thanks for sharing, girls! :)

  4. Yael

    This is a wonderful interview with my dear friend Dawn!
    I truly admire and love her and her art!
    Thank you for featuring her!


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