The Handmade Interview: Nauli !

This week we’re going to know a bit more from 2 creative sisters that I’m very pleased to have met online. They knit, create wonderful books and cd cases out of amazing decorative paper, and also find time to create cute dolls and little things for the little people.

They are nice, friendly, and above all, engaged with their creative art, and always find the time to share what they have learnt in these years of crafting and selling online or in craft fairs. I’m proud to present Nauli !

1. Tell us about yourself. Where do you come from? Where do you live?

We are the two oldest of four sisters. Having a bicultural background we think has made our world more than twice as big as the one of many other peoples.

We come from an always creating family, but no one ever choose something creative to become a profession until Eva-Dewi decided to study design.

We’re currently living in Germany and are happy to use our parents’ house near Munich as our working space. Johanna is still having her apartment in Hamburg, although she’s coming down to Munich more than half a year now to work for our little start-up Nauli. We can say, that we’re living in the Internet for a huge part of our life – because communication always goes on, no matter where we are.

2. How would you describe your style?

We think, we’ve a good sense for colors and you will find this in our personal clothing style as well. We both have a big love for vintage patterns and clear modern shapes with a scent of elegance. And it seems that this influences our design a lot: We love to work with the traditional colorful patterns of Italian Paper. Our books, folders, boxes and cd cases have sharp edges and clear cuts. A Satin ribbon sometimes makes them more elegant.

Our kids line is playful, but never kitschy. You can see this at our Nauli dolls as well as at our line for kids’ bags.

And Nauliknits our line of knitted accessories is our outing of a dress style between elegance and fun.

3. What are your main sources of inspiration? Do you have any secrets on your creative process that you can share with us?

That’s not easy to answer. We don’t feel that we have one, except this big big world… We don’t look a lot at magazines, although we found some really creative people showcasing online since we are active in this business. Yes, we never knew about creative bloggers before we started selling on Etsy! But we’re happy to discover this world.

4. Has your art or craft affected your life? How?

Our craft has always affected our life in a very important way.  Our mom, who is a passionate and amazing talented crafter let us sew on her machine since 2nd grade of primary school and she encourage us to feel the advantages of having crafting skills. Well this made us so independent of fashion industry! If we looked for cloth to buy which haven’t been made yet, we just bought fabric or yarn …

5. Do you have a favorite item you have made? Tell us about it!

Very difficult question… Actually we love all items we made as long as they come out, like we imagine before. We really almost never throw something away, which we made by ourselves. For Nauli, Eva-Dewi has some dolls that are not for sale, waiting for the next generation to play with them…

Johanna’s current loves are boxes and accordion folder… it’s springtime and she feels a huge desire for bringing everything in order!

6. What is the best reaction you have gotten from your items?

Some doll collectors are buying a doll every year since many years now. And every returning customer is a great experience for us! We’re always excited when we get emails from returning customers.

And seeing one of our items featured ( is always making us happy!

So far the surprising feature of our cd case featured in Austrian women’s magazine Wienerin was a real highlight.

7. Tell us 5 words that define you.

Passionate, loving, thinker, perfectionist, grateful.


8. Favorite Color?, Music?, Season?, Place?

Colors are always changing. We love music, but also the quiet. Love to discover new places and spaces.

9. Share a tip with us. (Selling in Etsy, or in your expertise in your craft, or any other you want to share)

Find your very own style and take your time for it! For us, it was not a question for our products as they are really born by us, but finding a style for blogging that is comfortable and personal was not so easy. We’re still working on it.

Learn from others! Do your own field research. No one can do it for you.


Be aware about the importance of marketing! Yes, you craft beautiful things, but you need to bring them out to let people see them.

10. Share a wish with us.

Besides staying healthy, we wish is to realize a happy life on our own criteria.

11. Apart from your Etsy shop, where else can we find you and your products?

Our website links to our standalone shop for Nauli’s paper products.

Beside Etsy we are also selling on Dawanda and occasionally on markets in the area.


You can find more about Nauli here:

Web Shop

Nauli on Etsy:

Nauli from Paper | Etsy
Nauli from Yarn | Etsy
Nauli for Littles | Etsy

Nauli on Dawanda:

Nauli aus Papier | Dawanda
Nauli aus Garn | Dawanda
Nauli für Kinder | Dawanda


  1. aegeansea

    I enjoyed this interview so, so much! You girls are so talented & an inspiration! Wishing you continued success!

    Thanks, Kirsch, for this great post!

  2. Eve

    lovely feature!

  3. Wezz

    I love reading interviews with other artists! It gives me a little peek into their work and world. Great inspirational reads for me! Thanks for bringing us this series!


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