Week planners freebie

I’ve been reading a lot in blogs about order and planning. And of course I’ve been given a deep thought about it and also we’ve been discussing at home about how to keep more order and planning better our daily lives. Of course that involves as well cleaning and getting rid of old and unneeded stuff, not only because we don’t use them anymore, but as well because getting rid of the old, clears up the energies around us, leaving space for the new good things to come.

In this mood, I’ve been looking for a nice week planner for my and my family’s daily duties, but I failed to find a good planner in the shops around here. So I decided to design my own according to our home design and style. I came up with a nice simple and colorful design, printed it and its hanging in my wall already on use!

Then I thought it would be something nice to share with everyone. After all, at some point, we all need some order and planning in our lives.

I made one in English and another in German. So feel free to download the one that suits you!

Do you need more order and planning right now? What would you get rid off from your life? What are you doing to have more order and stick to it? Share your comments below!

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